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NEW!!   Canning and Freezing Info,  Kids Horse website,  Hail damage to crops.  Bats (ewww!), Wildflower Week, and Garden Information


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  • The 2014 Fillmore County Fair is over.  Thanks to all the kids and volunteers who made it a success!
  • Take a breath and relax while you can.  We will have State Fair information soon.  And you KNOW Megan has something in store for the 4-Her's!



  • Congratulations to all the participants (and parents!) of the 2014 Fillmore Co. Fair!  It was a GREAT year!
  • Information coming soon for the Nebraska State Fair and the Ak-sar-ben Stock show.  Watch for the August newsletter!
  • PEDV Swine Show Info:   We have new information regarding PEDV (Porcine Epidemic Diarrhea Virus) and how to prepare for the upcoming swine show season.


Horticulture / Community   

  • Celebrate Nebraska wildflower week!  Special activities and information on the Horticulture page.

  • BATS?!?!  Did I say bats!?  The university has released new information regarding how to handle these creatures. 

  • We also have informatin about Conversations Over Coffee as well as the Community Garden.

  • NEW!!    Links to popular NebGuides.  Including: when to pick your garden, compost,  lawn & turf, plus MORE!!




Horse / Progress Shows

  • There is a fun new website designed for kids who are interested in horses.  It has games, videos, and much more.  Check it out!!
  • This page will have up to date information about progress shows and livestock camps in Nebraska.  You can find links to printable fliers and entry forms!   Just one click away!!



​School / College

  • We have updated information regarding  CSI, as well as new college-scholarship information.





Extension Highlights

Disaster Recovery Resources

We have complied a collection of resources to help those that have been affected by recent storms. More...

Southern Rust Confirmed

Nebraska has its first case of southern rust. Tamra Jackson-Ziems, UNL Extension plant pathologist, explains why it is important producers differentiate southern rust from common rust. Tamra also explains why certain growers might not want to treat this early in the season.

Water Requirements for Calves

Karla Jenkins, UNL Extension cow/calf and range management specialist, discusses the water requirements for young calves. More information on water consumption from young calves can be found here.

UNL Extension's Hort Update for July 14, 2014Squash bugs

An email newsletter designed to assist horticulture professionals and Extension staff with seasonal environmental topics for lawns, trees and shrubs, landscape ornamentals, fruits and vegetables, and miscellaneous items.  Share with your colleagues and friends Hort Update,  Visit our web site for archived issues .

CropWatch Newslettercropwatchlogo

UNL Extension cropping system experts discuss the latest updates on cropping issues in Nebraska such as appearance of Pythium in corn and soybeans, wheat disease updates, and a new UNL climate app. During the growing season, each weeks CropWatch newsletter is posted on Fridays at http://cropwatch.unl.edu/

Acreage Insights e-News for July 2014AcreageInsights

The Acreage Insights e-News, published by UNL Extension Acreage team, is a monthly electronic newsletter providing acreage owners with timely information to better manage their rural living environment. Click here to subscribe to this newsletter or check out the team's Acreage Insight web resources (http://acreage.unl.edu/).

UNL Extension's BeefWatch for August 2014

Check out the latest issue of UNL BeefWatch Newsletter. newsletter, designed to assist Beef producers and professionals. You may subscribe to receive this newsletter in your email and view the latest summaries on beef industry issues at http://Beef.UNL.edu 

Educational Program Resources for Communities (Free)Community1

As a leader in your community, often you are asked to present a program to club meetings, civic groups or professional organizations. Finding information for such a program and then organizing it can be challenging and time consuming. Look no further!

Faculty from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln Extension are providing you research-based, educational program resources free-of-charge. Information in each program is based on research from educational institutions around the world. The programs listed reflect the variety of topics which our clientele cite as issues within their communities. Congratulations on leading your organization to a greater understanding of these priorities!  For lessons....

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Market Journal logoMarket Journal
Provides current grain/livestock market commentary and analysis; weather, climate, and soil moisture updates; practical advice from seasoned, working producers; and more.

BYF logo Backyard Farmer
View entire episodes or search for answers to your plant, yard, and insect problems. Watch Backyard Farmer live on NET1 April to mid September (Thursday, 7:00 pm CT). 

Ag Almanac logo Ag Almanac
Audio and video interviews with University of Nebraska-Lincoln Extension specialists and educators on topics ranging from crop and livestock production to health and nutrition to lawn and garden care, and more.